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    Suggest Broker between ICICI, Kotak and HDFC

    I have an account with Sharekhan, but due to restrictions at my workplace, I cannot have an account with Sharekhan. Kotak, HDFC and ICICI are the only 3 authorized brokers in which I can have account. Our policy also restricts my spouse from having an account with brokers other than above 3...
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    Kotak securities fees

    Hey guys . A happy 69th Independence Day to everyone. I want to ask the fees being charged by Kotak Securities. They charge 'other fees' other than stt, brokerage, ST. When I enquire abt this they termed it as turnover transactions tax But I only day-trade so TTT is not applicable...
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    Kotak Securities a Feedback Review

    Please do not trade thru Kotak Securities Online system.. its pathetic.. i applied for some Credit Analysis and Research Limited and get allotment as well but same was not reflecting under my holding resulted i was not able to sell the same .. finally i called up cust care ( well i have to wait...