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    India Info Line Trading Charges

    I'm a little confused about how the trading takes place and what India infoline charges. Yesterday I sold my MBL shares. When I placed the order to sell, the price was at 353.05 and I got a confirmation message from SEBI for this to. But later the message from India Info Line showed that the...
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    Mobile trading

    Cannot trade stocks with nokia N 72. It says loading but cant watch market. Can someone help me?
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    Unable to trade with nokia

    Hello, I am having account with indiainfoline. I cannot trade with nokia n 72.I cannot access "market watch" which tells loading but never loads .Please help me
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    Which is the best Trading Platform in India?

    Hi Guys.. Can u pls let me know which is the best trading platform/website in India offered by any broker??? This will help all of us to jnow where to turn to... new comers and also medium experienced traders like me would be able to gain from it... Criteria can be: - Good charting -...
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    Simple questions about IndiaInfoLine trader terminal

    Hi, I've started trading in last few days. I have dmat account by IndiaInfoline. However, their trader terminal is not so user friendly. And it seems their customer service is too busy to answer my queries. I've few simple queries about it I hope someone here will address: 1. How to...
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    Display of MA on Charts in IndiaInfolines TTADV software

    Hi Friends, I am using a software provided by IndiaInfoline called TTAdv for trading. I can see live charts and add Moving Averages to them as well, I am using 4&5 or 5&6 SMA ON 15 Min charts, but the issue is these MA's are visible only after 11:45 pm. Till then they are visible on...