1. S

    Gann Study Group Mumbai

    Hello Friends, I m learning Gann from last 3 years & found it quite fascinating, as the methods used are both Astrology & Astronomy which in turn gives us such accurate results which i had never seen in any system in last 12 years of my trading, i m interested in forming a group of Gann...
  2. P

    Trading Secret!!!

    Traders may find this trading method interesting!!! Regards, k
  3. P

    Crude oil trading using GANN square

    I will update Crude oil trading based on GANN square of 9 strategy daily. Please update your suggestions and feedback if any.
  4. A

    Gann vibration system

    Helo... Greetings.... to all forum members, traders, technical analysts. I'm new to the forum and not to the subject of Technical Analysis. I am a job holder by profession in Hyderabad and having passion towards the stock market. That drives me to explore the subject of Technical...
  5. Blackhole

    Which Strategy / System / Indicators Gives U consistent Results

    Notice :::: Please Consider Mix of few trading system(trading in more accounts) as NR setups or Gann Angles Well, I already said that i Started off as a gambler, even today i take some tukka trades and get paid good.....Do Not Ask how much I looose?:rofl:...... My loosing reasons were many...
  6. A

    =MOD((SQRT(N)*180)-225,360) into AFL

    Hi all members, Please help me convert the excel formula into AFL code. =MOD((SQRT(N)*180)-225,360) Many thanks. I googled, but could not find anything.
  7. N

    Hi Friends did you know stock market's mysterious tools

    Yes, the stock market's mysterious tool is E,F,G i.e. Elliott wave, Fibonacci and Gann. These tools are the soul of stock market. Behaviour of our nature and stock market are very closed. I personally feel this in my last 5 year trading career. thanks NutShell Trader
  8. G

    Query-swing trading

    hi. i would like to know from the experts and experienced persons that which method is best suited for swing trading fibonaaci or gann technique?
  9. M

    indicators to determine choppy markets

    Hello all, I have been trading intraday using gann square of 9, it has proved to be a very good system to me. However, it has some dowsides, it doesn't work very well in choppy markets. So I was wondering if anyone could suggest me some indicators which could help me determine choppy market...
  10. M

    GANN trading on futures.... good results....

    Hello everyone, I went through some posts on traderji about gann trading. I paper traded for a week with sbi and nifty futures and thought to give it a try realtime, so i started out with nifty, i had fair amount of success with it along with some bad days. What i did was, i took closing of...
  11. S


    which calculators can be used for short term,mid term and long term trading in equities - fibonacci,pivot,gann,woodie,camarilla,tom demark ......any other.
  12. R

    First Contact

    I have been following currencies in Forex, but think that with the gyrations in the Dow, I am starting to follow the DJX with the idea of using options. Have a friend who is a strong believer in Gann and wanted to do more research on Gann lines and fans. rfbjr99
  13. R

    WD GANN Trading concept

  14. A

    gannPositional In Excel

    Hello Friends I have found another software which is related to gann but its a positional gann, does any one have the excel file of gannPositional or the formula to the gannPositional on what parameters is this thing working.... The gannPositional takes the high low and close of the stock...
  15. R

    Gann Square of 9

    heloo After entering the new number, the grid is changing as per given value. But no values at 'recommendation' places. Please check, correct and reload. Thanks in advance
  16. P

    Intro from Oz

    Hi All! The koalas are grunting outside my window in the Adelaide Hills. I am joining this forum to further investigate Gann/astrology in trading. I trade mainly FX and Indices (ASX200) I am beginning to write EA's for Metatrader and further develop my system trading. Good Luck to all!
  17. T


    Nameste to every one, iam a small time invester willing to learn from market gurus:clap: iam keen to know more details on gann caci gann