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    Order entry issue

    Hi every one, myself Gautam dey age 35, new into your forum, I have an issue on order entry can anyone help me? I wish to take positional swing trade on banknifty future yet my capital is limited ( 1.1 lakhs). Assume a situation I take position on long in banknifty future trade in 24296 price...
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    Why futures delivery in stock has become costlier?

    I am looking for stock futures delivery in NSE and It seems July and August contracts for stock futures has become very costlier. I am looking for stock futures with less than 50000(even 60000) margin (zerodha) requirement for a lot but only Indexs are available at this price. Do you think...
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    Trading Plans.....Open to All

    Hi all This Thread is a part of my attempt to share my Trading Plans for coming days. My Trade Plans are not just based on Intuition,but strictly based on Technical Analysis based on a combination approach of GannAngles, PivotPoints and Fibbonacci ratios. Although i am able to Analyse any...
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    Future at discount - chance for a quick profit

    Hi, today Mindtree spot is at 1538. feb future is at 1497. can the stock holders sell them and buy futereand book a profit of 40? On the day of expiry, they can buy the stock again with the future money i suppose. Why the stock is trading thisway? No book closure announced on this.
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    What determines lot size of a future

    Can you tell me how exchanges determine lot size for a future. I always thought it depends on price. But its not? see this example contract expiry price margin lot size ALBK 28-JAN-16 51.3 49110 6000 IBREALEST 28-JAN-16 52.4 83273...
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    What is span and exposure margin

    I want to calulate the total margin required for future trading and i have used this tool to do the above https://zerodha.com/margin-calculator/SPAN . They calculate total margin using this formula what is this span and exposure margin? and why its important for calculating total margin
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    Why lot size changes for futures for different month

    I dont know whether this situation was there before but i started noticing it now. This is the details for ACC future stock for this month(oct) the lot size is 125 and next month and next to next month its 375. Why this change? I always thought lot size are fixed. whether changes in...
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    What is the difference or releationship between stock and its future stock price

    is there a difference or releationship between stock price and its future stock price. Do they have same price movement or different? Which influence the others price? means whether its stock influence future stock price or future stock influence its stock price. Lets assume the stock is SBI...
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    How to calculate leverage for futures?

    I am trading in future stocks and i am having difficulty selecting stocks because of leverage. I dont know whether i can explain it properly but i will try my best. I have an account of 60000 and want to select a fututre stock. example if i select MRF stock( ~35000rs) a slight change in...
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    How profit and loss calculate in future trading

    I am doing paper trading in futures and i am doing it in two stock futures. Yesterday I gained a profit of about 2000 rupees (Total MTM) but that 2000 rupees doesn’t added to my Gain/Loss (Realized Profit/Loss) amount. Its not the first time I have seen this type of behaviour; some days i get a...
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    What is the purpose and advantages of different lengths of contract in futures

    If we buy a future stock or index in India we get three different length contract options, currently its 30 july, 27 aug and 24 sep. can any one tell what is the purpose of using 3 different length contracts instead of one? Is there any advantage or dis advantages of using short and long term...
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    Can anyone provide reallife futre trading examples

    Derivative trading are the most confusing trading available in the market . I am learning myself future stock trading using nse pathshalla. I was in the opinion that future stock trading is similar to stock trading but while paper trading only i came to know that its not the case. I have gone...
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    How gain loss calculated in future stocks

    I am doing future stocks paper trading in nse pathshalla. I have one long and one short future stock. The last time i checked (yesterday afternoon) my Gain/Loss (Realized Profit/Loss) is -6000 rupees today morning when i checked my Gain/Loss (Realized Profit/Loss) is -15000 rupees? what is...
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    What happens in a future trading when losses are more than the margin

    I am curious what happens when the losses are more than the margin we invested. For example when we buy a future stock we have to pay a margin of 40000 rupees approx (according to stock), lets say after some time instead of gaining profit the above future stock is losing money and lost 60000...
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    How to Buy/Sell futures in NSE paathshaala

    I am using NSE paathshaala for paper trading in futures. I added some future stocks (expiry date =24-sep-2015) to my watchlist and in that stocks some are in loss. I assumed futures are similar to stocks and we can buy and sell futures stock contract anytime. But when i tried to sell my loosing...
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    What is future trading and how to do it

    I am trying to learn about future trading and I have some doubts regarding that. What i understand about future trading is; future and stock market trading are the same but instead of buying a share we buy shares in lots in futures example NSE stock |...
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    CALL PUT movement based on FUTURE OR CASH

    Hi all members, Is CALL PUT options movement based on Cash price or Futures Price. What shall I keep a track of Nifty Futures or Nifty Cash when buying CALL / PUT. Thanks all, aman
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    Only Nifty(F & O) and Only Intraday Trading

    I would like to invite you all Only Nifty and Intraday Traders to participate and have healthy discussion. The main target to start this thread is to get discussion on Only Nifty and only Intraday trading in F & O.
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    Basics of Share Market

    I am a novice and would like to know about the following. What is day trading? What is short sell? Is short sell necessarily be day trading? What is margin trading? What is buymargin? What is sellmargin? What is put and call? what is futures and option? What is...
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    Calculating Daily Returns for Futures Contract

    I am calculating daily returns for a position in a futures contract. I am a little stuck with margin and how to account for it. I specifically dont understand how return is calculated after Margin account falls below Maintenance Margin. I will ask my issue through an example , please help if...