1. R

    Want auto trade buy and sell bracket order

    Dear frinds, I would like to get an auto trade formula with below given specifications The auto trade should work at the pre-assigned time (eg.9.40, 2.40) it should place bracket order both buy and sell together (eg. if script rate 100 at pre-assigned time it should post +5 buy order...
  2. milind.wakale

    What is marginal eligibility for option shorting.

    Hello pals, I am new to option trading, and I have traded few option doing long trades. I want to use option strategies for doing some trades. For doing so, I need to know what is marginal eligibility, that I should have in my account. I means that, if I have to short options of, for...
  3. Sagarocks432

    How one variable stores multi-timeframe values?

    I know that when working on multitime frame we perform operation seperatelty within Timeframeset and Timeframerestore. But how to perform such calculation which stores value of multi-time frame. TimeFrameSet(in5Minute); m=MACD(12,26); n=Signal(12,26,9); a= StochK( periods = 14, ksmooth=3 )...
  4. A

    Excel Copying

    Hi All, I have attached an auto refreshing excel sheet of HCL tech. I am able to get the max volume using MAX formula. I want to copy the related strike price where max volume falls for CALL & PUT. Max volume in call put change on every refresh, so cannot use simple copy paste. please help...
  5. A

    Excel 2007 - Need help with conditional formatting

    Hi members, I am trying to apply conditional formatting to an excel sheet in excel 2007, but not successful. please help. 1. When column A says BUY to corresponding cell in column D should remain +ve number. 2. 1. When column A says SELL to corresponding cell in column D should...
  6. A

    =MOD((SQRT(N)*180)-225,360) into AFL

    Hi all members, Please help me convert the excel formula into AFL code. =MOD((SQRT(N)*180)-225,360) Many thanks. I googled, but could not find anything.
  7. J

    Yahoo Charts - MACD & stochastic -- Need help

    Hi All, Can anyone help me with the formula used in Yahoo Charts for MACD & stochastic. I tried various combinations in amibroker, but no success. Any help will really be greatful. Thanks & have great times.
  8. G

    AlertIf function

    I asked following to Ami Support Is it possible to get an alert (like a pop-up) when the price reaches a retracement line? They replied You can use STUDY function to detect the crossovers please read:
  9. D

    Metastock Explorer and Indicator

    Hi guys, I am new to metastock and I am trying the explorer feature. What I don't understand is why is it that the indicator (rsi using daily closing prices with a period of 14 days) and the explorer with colA as RSI with a formula of RSI(C,14) (periodicity = daily) have different results...
  10. A

    Advantage System

    Hi, Is there anyone know metastock trading system named "Advantage system"? It looks good for many Asian markets. Please share any information or idea of this formula. Thanks
  11. U

    Amibroker for NSE

    I am new to Amibroker 5.30. I want the best/perfect formulae for (NSE/BSE) for generating buy and sell signals for the NSE. I prefer trading with a weekly targets. The formulae (AFL) should be able to generate targets also. Can you please help me with this ?
  12. J

    Demark pivot point formula for amibroker

    Good Morning to everybody any one have demark pivot point afl plesae post it or mail to [email protected] thanks jerwin:)
  13. I

    How to combine formulas in amibroker.

    Hello Traders, I have newly devised a trading system that perfectly fits my intraday trading needs and gives upto 95% accurate signals. But the problem is, i have to run multiple scans with 3 different formulas, which consumes a good deal of time. Can anyone suggest me the method to...
  14. R

    Formula ...

    Can anyone help me to understand the the below formula in the simple form. cannot figure out what the formula is calculating and in what sequence. please if anyone can explain . Formula : State:=If(Cum(1)=1,0,If(EL,1,If(ES,-1,If((CL AND PREV=1) OR (CS AND PREV=-1),0,PREV)))); State=1...
  15. A

    Metastock explorer is providing incorrect MACD buy signal...

    Hi fellow Traders, I am using MS 9 EOD and it it giving wrong results in MS explorer. Metastock explorer is providing incorrect MACD buy signal... I manually checked India Infoline and it generated a buy signal as the MACD has crossed over it signal line but Metastock explorer is not providing...
  16. Z

    Changing colour of breakout bar

    Hi everyone, I have changed the colour of insider bar as well as next three inside bar (total 4 bars). As you might be knowing that breakout of that insider bar may not come after 3 bar as it could make another inside bars before breakout. Now I also want to change colour of insider bar's...