forex advisor

  1. Shivam DUbey


    The good thing about knowledge is that the more you spread the more you get. If you are correct people admire you If you are incorrect people correct you. Either way you are the one who gains. KEEP SHARING. THANK YOU.
  2. R

    Forex trading is illagal business in India.Tell any one

    forex trading is illagal business in India.Tell any one dear freinds .Please tell me forex tradin is illagal business in india . iam new trader in this business .please how illagal ,any deposit or withdrawl conditions or any .please tell me as soon as possiable. Thank you.
  3. S

    Need help in understanding the forex trade brokrage

    Hi, I am a graduate in Bangalore. For my first job, I have been given an opportunity in a company dealing in Forex, commodities. Being new to this field, I am not sure what exactly does the job entail. I am good at communicating with people.Since I have started to enquire about this...
  4. verbum4it

    This is my introduction for all

    Hi. I am from Indonesia. I want to learn and discuss with many friends from all over the world about forex trading. I will also try to give my best if I can. But, it is important to know from members about it because I know that they are the best for me.
  5. Magic_person

    How To Pay Tax ON Forex Income

    hi to all I want to know how to pay tax on forex income. Give Me some Idea About That. :confused:
  6. F

    Free advise for forex training

    any one can start forex trading by depositing only 20 dollor
  7. S

    Forex fund managers in india

    hi guys i am suresh from bangarlore can you please let me know if there are any fund managers / forex traders in india who can manage our funds and give us decent return on investment this can be on profit/revenue sharing basis, i can open an account in any platform as suggested by you...