fixed deposit

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    Review Portfolio returns around 6% in past 1 year

    Hi Guys, I just started investing in mutual funds last year to save tax and yield better returns than FD which hardly beats inflation. I would required you to kindly provide your views and guide me:hap2: I have started with around 2 Mutual funds after doing lot of research online...
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    Fixed Deposit Calculation

    Hi, I have planned to open a Fixed deposit in any Indian Bank... When i was searching details about it found many reference sites and calculators... One such is Consider for here, the maturity value is calculated using a...
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    Business Loan

    Hi, Can anyone assist me the best way to take business loan. Amount 6 lacs. Will loan against fixed deposit work out to be economical. Thanks, Richi
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    Is it wise to take ICICI Life Stage Wealth II policy for newbie

    Hi, I have very poor knowledge of finance and was looking for some tax saving scheme when my personal relationship manager told me about this scheme. Can some one please share his opinions on this policy. How much net gain would I get at end of 5 yrs in this policy versus net gain in some...
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    NO premature withdrawl penalty

    Hi All, *Requirement 1: I want to name of banks that do not charge any penalty on premature withdrawl for FDs As of now I know only IDBI bank only offers this facility. *Requirement 2: Banks that offer facility to open Fixed deposit with DIFFERENT branches online. As of now IDBI, AXIS...
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    A forum on fixed income/debt/bonds, etc.?

    Why not make TJ a complete forum by including a forum on fixed income/debt/bonds/fixed deposit, etc? Recently I have started investing in FDs but dont find any reliable information/forums (with respect to Indian markets) to share my views. Why not start a forum on this?