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    Reliable Falcon is it worth it

    guys i am seriously considering taking Reliable Falcon charting software. pls give advice or reviews on how good the software is and if anyone is using it, wat r its plus and minus pts.
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    Spider IRIS feature & pricing feedback

    Hello Friends, I'm thinking to buy Spider IRIS. Could you please advice costs associated & also how effective you have found this software for your trading. Also I'll higlhly appreciate if anybody can give comparitive list between other Indian/Int'l software like Falcon, AmiBroker, MetaStock...
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    ow is Falcon Trading Software for NSE Equity Derivatives

    I am prstly evaluating technical analysis softwares - spider, metastock, amibroker and falcon. Falcon is cheap and seems to have better service and enhancements. Also several big and smalll brokers in India use Falcon. Can someone share experience on it. Any negative and positive experiences and...