1. J

    Liquid Bees

    Hi, Does anyone have clarity on the pros & cons of liquid bees? I have heard that if you invest small amounts, you can't liquidate fractional units and thus it is of no use for small traders. Can anybody who is experienced throw some light on this?
  2. B

    CPSE ETF follow on offer

    I have few queries with respect to upcoming CPSE ETF follow on offer. (1) ETF is traded on exchange. So is the unit price market determined like shares or is it strictly bought/sold on NAV value? (2) What if I want to buy/sell the ETF directly with mutual fund house? Can it be...
  3. C

    Best way to invest in Gold - Advice required

    Gold investment options for long term: 1. Gold ETF. 2. Gold MCX futures - will rolling over each month. 3. Physical Gold coins/bars. Issues: 1. ETFs supposedly invest in physical gold. But, this looks shady. Esp Bank of nova scotia being the custodian for ETFs in India. There seems to be...
  4. K

    Gold ETF compulsory delivery

    Hello Friends, Does Gold ETF have things like compulsory delivery or any other such thing that would put one into trouble? Is it similar to investing in Nifty ETF or are there any differences between the two? Pls guide Thanks Karuna
  5. H

    ETF Mispricing.

    I am looking for topic on my dissertation and once among them is to check if there is any mis-pricing in ETF and exploit the arbitrage. I got few questions around it. 1) Where can I find the constituents of an ETF and is it possible to track it on a daily basis 2) What is the best way to proxy...
  6. K

    ETF dividend related

    Hello Friends, Incase I buy NiftyBees and say AxisBank declares a dividend, do I receive this dividend? Is NiftyBees meant only for price appreciation or do we also get dividend benefit which is declared by scrips in nifty50 basket? Karuna
  7. NJ23

    Can ETFs be shorted for more than one day in India?

    I was wondering if it's possible for individuals to 'short' an ETF and carry the position for more than one day? Also is it possible to short it intraday?
  8. E

    ETF liquidity

    Hello Sirs, I am new one here and I am looking for your help. I have a list of several ETFs for which I would like to check liquidity and before start doing this I will appreciate your ideas and suggestions. - I found out that ETFs liquidity is not determined by its trading volume, but the...
  9. C

    etf = mf?

    Does that equation fit? An etf is actually a mutual fund? I have been browising some websites to find out and I think it is actually true! To substantiate, SBI GETS (gold etf) shows up on the SBI mutual funds website! But I read in quite a few magazines and some papers that one needs to...
  10. H

    Nifty/BSE index ETF

    HI All, It seems like the ETF market is finally opening up at the indian exchanges. I want to trade on the indexes (without going into options of futures contracts). I have recently come across the kotak nifty and sensex etfs. Wanted to know if there are any other ETFs for indexes. Also, will...
  11. A

    Hang Seng BeES launched - Investors Paradise??

    Just read this article on moneycontrol The issue closes on 24th February? Any advices?
  12. P

    Global ETF assets break through a whooping $1 trillion

    Just read the ETF Landscape review....Its been a tremendous year for ETFs Globally...staggering volumes and extraordinary returns...what do you think?
  13. P

    How does one decide which etf to invest in?

    Is there any way to decide which etf is doing good? and where should i put my money?
  14. A

    Hi to all

    Hi to all Skyrocketing price of gold led me to some thinking on how to invest in gold profitably. I learnt that Gold ETFs are a better way. And while going through information in the net on the topic, I chanced upon this community. Will anyone suggest whether ETF is really good for...
  15. M

    How many of you trade regularly in ETFs?

    I do it on a regular basis since i find it quite profitable compared to trading in individual stocks. What do you think?