equity analysis

  1. S

    DSIJ - Magazine

    Is it possible to get dalal street investment journal magazine for free download on every release?
  2. A

    What is TOWER RESEARCH CAPITAL Doing here with YES BANK ?

    Hello, I have been a long term holder of YES BANK(16 months), & MY secondary broker ICICI direct emails me on the bulk deals that are going on the stock that are currently in my portfolio. So, Direct has been emailing me about the bulk deals of this company TOWER RESEARCH CAPITAL which is I...
  3. A

    Brief Information About An Equity Search Analyst

    An equity analyst analyses economical information and styles for an organization or an industry. An equity analysis specialist reviews stocks, connections, and other economical equipment and creates an impartial, honest equity analysis report. He/she researches policy information of companies to...
  4. R

    Hello and humble greetings to all traders

    Hi, Im reuben, I am a novice trader, and I have only traded in equities,My humble greetings to everyone on the forum, this is a fantastic medium for non-finance guys to connect with other people.Thank you so much for starting this.. As I am new in trading and on this forum, so I am just...
  5. S

    Get on with 20k initial investment

    Hi, I am newbie here(trading). willing to start, but not knowing how and where. Finally found this blog which is helping many like me. I am good at observing and learning. So, could any one here please suggest me some specific stocks to buy and observe for some time(may be a week) and sell. I...
  6. manish87

    Equity traders in Ahmedabad

    Hi friends!! I'm full time professional equity trader from last 2 years. I'm here to socialize with other traders.
  7. P

    How to trade with NOW software?

    I am trading through a broker but what I find is my friends using Android phones for trading. they use their phones for trading and I don't even know how to start with..... Can anyone guide me about the NOW software? How it works and I mean how to trade with it??? If there are some tutorials...
  8. simple trader1

    diary of a simple trader1

    hello friends ,i'm sterted new thread diary of simple trader my self education diary for virtual trade on commodity and equity market:):);)
  9. O

    Current Market Projection.

    Hi Gurus, Is the current market trend is good for investing. How long do you guys think that the market will go down like this. I am thinking of investing around 1lac on blue chip stocks. So, how long should i have to wait for purchasing these stocks. Or, should i have to keep buying...
  10. N

    Stock Recommendation Using Fundamental Analysis

    Hi, My name is Murali and I run an IT company called Naethra Technologies. Recently we have launched a software product called Genie. The product has the following features: 1.Long term investment recommendation for a company of the investors choice 2.Buy recommendations for the week...
  11. S


    Hi everyone, :) I am SanjuSarita, joing all yiu noce people now. I am in the market since about 5 years. I invest in a short-mid term horizon I also look in to intraday opportunities, I keep a portion of my funds reserved for this. Yes I like making money in the market ,as you all...
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    Hello everybody , i am new in Traderji.