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    Elliott Wave Analysis of BANKNIFTY spot

    Hi All, I am planning to track BANKNIFTY per Elliott Wave principle. It will serve a sort of trading diary and also may provide a retro view of what works and what does not. I urge members to comment on the analysis. The original post is housed here...
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    Elliott Wave Analysis of NIFTY spot

    Hi, Firstly, thanks to the admin, moderators and owners of this forum to provide a place where trading is being discussed so neatly and in a varied fashion. I am a newbie to trading world, per se. I traded based on my broker’s calls back in 2011. Made handsome profits and then went to...
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    Elliott wave analysis

    Hi, We had a strong bull market from 2001 lows. Interesting fact while trying to label was, during the final stage of development, all the waves started overlapping with previous waves. Overlapping in bull market means Case 1: The wave is subdividing Case 2: Correction following Five wave...