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    Elliott Wave Analysis of BANKNIFTY spot

    Hi All, I am planning to track BANKNIFTY per Elliott Wave principle. It will serve a sort of trading diary and also may provide a retro view of what works and what does not. I urge members to comment on the analysis. The original post is housed here...
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    Elliott Wave Analysis of NIFTY spot

    Hi, Firstly, thanks to the admin, moderators and owners of this forum to provide a place where trading is being discussed so neatly and in a varied fashion. I am a newbie to trading world, per se. I traded based on my broker’s calls back in 2011. Made handsome profits and then went to...
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    Tata Motors EWA count

    Hi friends, This is an EWA on Tata Motors. We are either in Wave 4 of red count or we are in Wave 5 (initial stages of wave 5) This count can take Tata Motors to 335 - 350 levels. I think we can be long in this stock till 330 - 350 levels Best Regards