1. A

    Real Time Data Feed Required

    Hi, This is Aniket. I am new to the forum. I am a Derivatives enthusiast and I like to work around with strategies. I have been trying to find a way to get Real Time Data Feed in excel so that I can set up option chains and strategies for analysis. I have an account with Upstox and have been...
  2. A

    Options trading to beat the returns of traditional investment methods

    Hi Friends, I am from hyd and do trade in options. Even though I started trading in 2010 the overall I can say I m in loss and mostly because of lack of knowledge in initial days..just jumped into trading by seeing other friends, used to buy options with whatever the money I have and without...
  3. Sanskar Pathk

    Which is the best discount broker?

    The criteria should be:- Brokerage charges Trading Platform Customer care Ease of account opening
  4. iwillwin


    Where do you see usdinr settle in Dec month contract 66 - 66.3 66.31 - 66.6 66.61 - 66.9 66.91 - 67.2
  5. T

    Commodities trading hours for World markets like LME and CME

    Hi, I am trading in stocks for 4 yrs, but recently started trading in commodities..Can someone help me with the trading hours in various world commodity markets? their opening and closing. I am getting confused with what i saw in the websites for LME and CME.. Really appreciate your help.
  6. vishoo27

    Tax Calculation for Derivatives (FNO) 2010-2011

    Hi All, I'm new to trading. I did make some money trading NIFTY. (Options & Futures). I lost some as well. Net I'm in profit for this financial year. Can someone tell me how to calculate the Capital Gains from FNO. Can I rewite the losses against the gains? Which form should be filled...