demat account advise

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    Which demat account is best for trading in india?

    I want to know which demat account is best for trading in india. I am planning to open my trading account with zerodha. Zerodha also provides demat account. I also have an account with SBI and planning to try its demat account because of SBI quality service in banking. The confusion is which...
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    DP Closure help :( :(

    Hi, I needed some help regarding closure of DP account. My grandmother is around 75 yrs old is holding a DP account in ING VYSYA (now Kotak) from past 8-10 years (i hope so) which my father had opened and about which she was unaware. My father was basically trading through that account...
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    Newbie in Trading!

    Hi! I am a young government worker. This is my third year in service. I have saved 10,000 rupees for investment. I am ready to take moderate risk. I am planning to open DEMAT+Trading account. I want to keep Account Opening Charges minimum. Is Angel Broking good for me? What do you suggest
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    Opening Demat account

    Hiiii friends, I am newbie in trading. I want to open a demat account for trading purpose .I am confuse where i should open the demat account as in market there are many account available and i starting trading i wont be investing big amount . So please help me
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    ny bank account not compatable to be linked with my Demat... help

    hi i am opening a online Demat account in sharekhan ,.. my present bank account can't be linked withe the Demat account,now i am left with the option of opening another bank acount in the compatable bank ( which i dont want ) ,or do the transacions through cheques ... what difference will...
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    Hello All

    I am Sania, I am a newbie to this website. I am interested in the information related to trading. Also want to know what is the best shares to buy these days. Please tell me the procedure to open a demat account.
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    Demat Agri Commodity Stocks

    Hello I am looking to buy a big amount of an agri commodity financed by Warehouse Finance Schemes of various banks, on a regular basis. However, the purchase is going to be in another state and shall be warehoused there. I am interested in depositing the same immediately with the delivery...
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    SBICapsec - Very disappointing service.

    Hi, I have an savings account with SBI bank. And when i decided I wanted to invest in shares, I approached my SBI branch to open a demat + trading account. I was told by the bank personal that I will be able to open one in two weeks time. And I did all the paper work. However, It took...