1. S

    Margin for deliverables

    Hello Everyone, I know there are 1000s of stock brokers providing margin for intraday trading in equity. Are there any stock brokers who provide margin for delivery based trading in equity? Regards Shanthi
  2. J

    Looking for seasoned experienced Trading Information in India

    Hi, I am looking to speak with experienced traders that have information on DMAT accounts Settlement times, delivery methods, various account types, etc.
  3. trendtrade

    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009

    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009 Nov 02, 2018, 07.46 AM IST High trading volume seems to be driving the stock market amid a significant fall in the delivery of stocks. The...
  4. P

    IIFL -Delivery Square off ?

    Hi, I have a query regarding a sell activity and the net position. Say already I have 500 shares of X in my holdings (dp ACCOUNT) and have sold it under Delivery mode. The Net position shows as -500 qty for the sold share and the holdings tab show 500 as sold . But , there is an option...
  5. A

    Which one is the best strategy in the market?

    Can anyone suggest or start discussion about best strategy in the stock market? I am talking about Intraday , BTST or Delivery . Intraday- Same day clear your position BTST - Buy today sell tomorrow Delivery - Hold stock for long term
  6. S

    Help get On trading

    Hi, I am newbie here(trading). willing to start, but not knowing how and where. Finally found this blog which is helping many like me. I am good at observing and learning. So, could any one here please suggest me some specific stocks to buy and observe for some time(may be a week) and...
  7. Y

    Fungibility of gold and gold mini?

    I am long 1 Kg in Gold and short 1 Kg in Gold Mini contracts expiring on 5th December and don't plan to square off my positions. Would I be compulsorily required to take delivery in Gold and give delivery in Gold Mini ? Or would MCX net my positions in gold with gold mini and not ask for...
  8. O

    margin & delv, religare odin diet help?

    Dear forum members, I am new to trading.I started using ODIN DIET (provided by Religare). I placed buy orders with order type "Margin" without knowing the difference between margin and delivery. I searched this forum and I vaguely understood that margin is for intraday trading and...
  9. A

    Max Leverage & holding period for Delivery transactions

    I heard that Religare offers 4 times leverage and a holding period for 5 days for delivery transactions. Does anyone have knowledge of a better offer ? Thanks!
  10. R

    Reviews & Tips

    Good reviews and Tips will be put in this thread everyday. Follow it to earn. these will be delivery tips.
  11. M

    What is the meaning for : INTRDAY and DELIVERY

    Hi, I am new to this site. I recently have my Motilal Oswal account opened. I have a few basic questions. Would someone please answer these for me. I am basically interested in holding shares for longer terms (1 to 5 years or so). in the BUY screen of MotilalOswal I see, Product type as...