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    How far can you get with just one trade a day?

    Everyone wants a trading strategy that allows you you to make 1 trade per day but still can beat the market. Here are I explore how you could make one. I decided not to reinvent the wheel and just took highly popularized Gap & Go strategy. The gap & go strategy is looking for stocks gap up from...
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    Nifty & Stocks - Elliott wave analyses - daily/ swing trading ideas

    Hi to all, I started this thread under the heading technical analysis based on famous Elliott wave thoery. Nifty and large cap stocks are analysed within 30 min time frame to get trading ideas using EW thoery and different indicators. Disclaimer : All ideas posted here are only for...
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    How to choose stock for buy or short position during opening hours in day trading?

    What makes traders to decide to take long or short position in opening hours. Every stock will not be in news at the same time. Please share your opinions
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    Is SBI a good stock for day trading?

    I am currently concentrating on a single stock while day trading and i.e. SBI. I just want to know whether its a good choice and what criteria shall be applied while choosing a stock for day trade?
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    Hello Friends!!

    My name is Raj and I have just joined this forum. I was always a long term investor in equities. Now I would want to diversify and learn more about options trading and also day trading. I hope there are people out here who would help me in this effort of mine. Thank you all in advance...
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    Intraday trading beginner strategy

    I want to discuss my intraday stock trading strategy. I am new to the market and doing my research work at the moment to get on with it.The strategy is based on what i have learnt till now..... Here, Consider a stock X of Rs500 (a volatile share) Now suppose it gains Rs 5 and reaches...
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    Scanning stocks for intraday trades

    Hello All have some familiarity with only equities, so i like to start with them first. I have familiarity with basic indicators like - MACD,RSI,Stoch D & K, ADX, Bollingerbands,ATR, Support & Resistance levels and what values mean in them. Trying to learn how to draw trend lines,stop...