1. M

    Historical 1 min data

    Hi, Is there any place from where I can download historical intraday (1min) data for most of the cash market stocks for last 2 years (csv format)? I need it for my analytic project. Thank you.
  2. biggles

    help in csv to metastock

    hi folks, need urgent help in converting csv to metastock. the metastock downloader just lets out a groan and gives a message about there being too many errors. My data is in this format as csv file <ticker> <date> <open> <high> <low> <close> <vol> <o/i> ACC 20141204 1256.95 1259.45...
  3. D

    How can I export explore to csv using AFL code?

    As title, I know how to do it in amibroker by clicking "File -> Export HTML/CSV". However, if I want to perform the action in afl, what should I do? Here is the code that I output the daily return in explore, Filter=1; NumColumns=1; rp = ROC(C); Column0=rp; Column0Name="Daily Return"...
  4. D

    CSV as i/p for trading orders

    Hi fellow traders. I am just curious to know if there is any brokerage in India who takes order CSV file as i/p. The file may have different fields like Stock Symbol, target buy price . targer sell price etc.. It will be very helpful if you are making some technical...