commodity tips

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    Daily Stocks To Watch For Bullion

    09/09/10 Gold View Trend- consolidate Strategy- buy on dips Res1- 19250 res2-19480 Sup1- 19030 sup2-18850 Silver View Trend- bullish Strategy- buy on dips Res1-31750 res2-32380 Sup1-31250 sup2-30380 Copper View Trend- bullish Strategy- buy on dips Res1-363 res2-371...
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    Copper strategies for upcoming week

    Try with the nickel commodity levels Mcx nickel commodity levels for this week resistance 2: 1056 resistance 1: 1032 price : 1013 support 1: 989 support 2: 971
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    hello all

    i am Nagendra pratp singh,i have got arround 6 years experience of equity market/commodity market and currency market I have been associated with Angel Broking, rain commodities And presently working with Sushil Global commodities, the group company of sushil finance...
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    Shanghai News

    Shanghai Copper opened steady on Monday while London dipped 1 % following Friday's near 5 month peak as investors worried that the 15 % surge this month might be overdone.. Capitalvia..