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    Determine When the Market is Really Trending

    How often have you looked at a chart and tried to determine whether or not the market is really trending? How many times have you been fooled by your Stochastics or RSI indicators? How many times have you sold because your oscillators were screaming overbought then watched the market dip a...
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    Hopium - Again

    Once again the markets experienced an early updraft due to short covering that was followed by yet another preposterous Hopium explosion. One more media source The Guardian broke a story that claimed the bankers get out of jail fund (the EFSF) would be leverage to 2-TRILLION Euros. And hey...
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    Trading Tips: Coming Back from a Loss

    A friend of mine in the pit had been having a rough time lately when he asked me a typical question among us traders - How do I come back from a loss? Since he had been having a "rough patch" and not just one bad trade, I gave him the following advice that is to be used over a period of time...
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    The market exploded Monday on the nationalization news of Dexia, no additional sovereign downgrades (but that hasnt mattered recently anyway), and an announcement by Merkel & Sorkozy that they have, in essence, a plan to create a plan in the near future. When asked about the details, Sarkozy...
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    Trading Tips #7: Five Ways to Stay Focused In Scary Markets

    In the fallout from the 2008 global financial crisis, there have been moments that have been driven by pure fear. These are the moments when it can be hard to maintain your composure and trade your plan. Unfortunately, these big days are the times when you need that composure the most. Here is a...
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    Although there were two good economic data points Monday, the market was slammed. The Dow closed down -258 points, while the S&P500 closed down -32.19 points or -2.85%. The first report to be released was the construction spending data. It was expected to be another negative reading of...
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    Trading Tip #18 : Using the Doji

    On a candlestick chart, there is a pattern that technicians refer to as a doji. A doji has top and bottom shadows like a regular candlestick, but has practically no real body. This happens when the opening and closing price are the same, or so close that they just leave a sliver of a real body...
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    Trading Tip #9: The Double Stop Reversal

    Stop orders are often used to try to protect profits. Take the stop order to another dimension and use it to reverse your position and open another trading possibility! When you place a stop order, it is only activated if the market trades at or through the stop price. These stop prices are...
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    Trading Tip #21 : Understanding Candlestick Patterns - Kicking

    I think it's time for another look at Japanese candlestick analysis. Let's take a closer look at kicking, widely considered a high reliability pattern in candlestick charts. Kicking patterns are another reversal signal. Kicking patterns on a candlestick chart are formed when there are two...
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    Trading Tip #16 : Buyers or Sellers

    A question I often receive is, "How can there be more buyers or sellers at one price? Isn't there a buyer for every seller and a seller for every buyer?" The answer is yes, but people are forgetting one important thing. There is a bid and an ask (or offer), and only one of them can be traded...
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    Trading Tip #3: A Little Lesson in Lingo

    The Weekend Commodities Review Energies Crude oil has become so closely tied to the global economic outlook that the demand side pressure is seemingly outweighing the supply side premium. That means a strong dollar and weak global demand outlook should push oil prices below $90. Gasoline...
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    Hi, I am new to stock market just 6 months experience

    My interest is in Equity CM. Equity Derivative is something looks difficult to understand. My friends are advising me to look for Commodity and Currency also. Let's see.
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    Hello to all

    To do something in right earnestness is what I believe in. However, it is a challenge to learn if someone returns to stock market investment, especially the commodities market after long years. Does a small NRI investor enjoy the same online trading facilities available for a resident...