1. M

    Charts slower by 2-3 seconds than real time price movement (by my brokerage)

    The Charts in Zerodha are slower by 2-3 seconds than the real time price movement in Zerodha. Therefore I am unable to trade (scalping) by looking at the charts. Whenever I did that I made losses. Does anyone know any details about it . Can it be made real-time, second for second ? Or does...
  2. M

    Odin Terminal

    Hello! Anyone could please suggest me a broker with Odin Terminal. Presently I am using Angel's speed pro (Odin Terminal) but now a days it is not working properly. I also had raised a ticked but they people are not able to resolve it & also not able to provide me estimate time to resolve the...
  3. T

    Price action chart reading

    Dear Senior Traders, I am new to trading,I read little about price action trading.I like to learn more about price action and chart reading.Please help me to read the price action from the attached chart. This is 3 months EOD chart of POWERGRID trading in NSE.Last bar is created on 6/2/2017...
  4. M

    Error in MS Chart

    :confused:Problems and Solutions for Meta Stock Chart:thumb: This is BPCL and you can see individual bars for July 15 only( within box) are totally wrong, i dont know how it happened and how to rectify it. Anyone, Experts, Moderators, Newbee pls help
  5. A

    nseindia to Amibroker

    Hi Members, Please help me plot IV data for call and put in amibroker. I want the data to be pulled up from Thanks...
  6. Sagarocks432

    Plot a graph as indicator

    Hello guys, I want to plot a graph as indicator with following conditions. 1) Price of candles should b a line. [5 min timeframe] 2) Line2 should be above [with small gap] price line which will b green if Stochastic[15 min] is +ve , else Red. This line wont contain the actual value of...
  7. A

    Nifty auto refreshing Excel sheet to Amibroker - Help Needed

    Hi Member, I have an excel sheet that fetches Call Put data from nifty every one minute. That is auto refreshing. I want to plot OI of a current strike price in one chart in amibroker. Please guide. Thanks Aman
  8. Nehal_s143


    Hi There is new charting software similar to NT which also support data from Now / Nest Trader to explore more about it one can download copy form arthachitra . com intro can be seen at https : // www . youtube . com / watch?v=bCFwyYqJGP0 Thanks to Aman1 sir for sharing link...
  9. A

    Nifty & Bank Nifty Cash - Amibroker

    Hi members, Is there any way I can get Nifty & Bank Nifty cash Real Time charting in amibroker. I can get futures from globaldatafeeds. But they dont provide cash charts. Thax all, aman.
  10. C

    ODIN - OI Chart settings

    Hi All Please let me if there is any option in ODIN for creating charts using open interest instead of price. If yes please let me know the settings to implement. Thanks in advance. Chris
  11. A

    Plotting SMA high Low as Line

    Hi Members, We can plot SMA or EMA as continuously changing lines. Is it possible to catch the High and Low of Moving Averages and plot a straight line for the current day. Please help.
  12. A

    Amibroker Chart settings:

    Hi All members, When I plot last month's Open, High Low Close lines on the chart, it shrinks the candle size so much that it really makes hard to find if the prices are moving or now. Please help me so that i can adjust the chart settings to the normal. It is not necessary that all...
  13. A

    Ribbon Afl - Need help

    Hello Members, Please help me plotting the ribbon. I tried but getting many errors. I have attached the image of the ribbon that I am trying to plot. I have attached the image for reference: Thanks all. ********************* _SECTION_BEGIN("Price")...
  14. A

    AFL Exploration

    Hi All members, Below afl plots High and Low for: Previous day & 3rd day from today. How can I create an exploration so that all the stocks that close above these two lines show up in the scan. Please help. //-------------------------------AFL---------- _SECTION_BEGIN("Price1")...
  15. V

    Chart Features

    Hi, I am looking for a free software with following features to analyse Indian stock market (NSE & BSE) * Compare stocks in my portfolio in a chart (trend line) on different time frame (day/month/years) * Compare a stock with corresponding sector in a chart (trend line) on different time...
  16. S

    1 minute data

    Hello friends, From which site i can get free historical 1 minute data for stocks and nifty....please reply friends......I need it for backtesting..also please provide mobile applicatipns that can provide such kind of charts....
  17. J

    AFL to plot High Low Close in Bar Chart (No Open)

    Hi Members, You all have always been of great help and support. I am searching for an Amibroker AFL to plot HLC (High Low Close) in a bar chart. I tried much but could not succeed in omitting plotting of Close in the bar chart. I have attached an image. The image highlighted in RED...
  18. J

    Need AFL Help: Previous days High Low Close

    Hi Members, Please help me remove the line of HLC in previous days charts. These Previous days High Low Close should only be visible on current days chart. Below is the AFL and I have attached an image of the chart. Thanks all. *************************************...
  19. J

    Need AFL: Advance Decline Ratio: Chart in Amibroker

    Hi All, I am searching for an Amibroker AFL to plot Advance Decline Ratio Chart. The chart should plot as candlesticks. Members please help.
  20. A

    how to get chart of particulare date of any stock

    Hello Im looking chart of any particular one day of any stock minute by minute. lets say, suppose i want day chart of adani enterprise on 4 dec 2012, so how i get. i try to get in money control, nse, google finance, yahoo finance but none of us there get success. Thanks in advance