1. U

    Trading challenge - 1 to 2

    Hi everybody, This challenge is to double the money this quarter (OCT 2018 to DEC 2018). The system is an automated system based on this thread. Details Starting Capital - 130000 Leverage - 5 Capital to be compounded weekly Start date: 1st OCT 2018 End date: 31st DEC 2018 Max drawdown...
  2. pannet1

    Participants of Popular Trading Challenge

    Hi, I am glad to inform you that I am participating in Z 60 day challenge. The outcome will be known on the 2nd March. So far it is going good. I would like to invite others to announce their participation here. You could support your developments with screen shot, if possible. I...
  3. K

    Challenge for amibroker experts!

    I need an afl to screen all the scripts where the closest strikes from cmp are in negetives Meaning, if nifty spot is at 6000, value of 6100ce should be in negative and value 5900pe should be negative. The afl should be an exploration one. I will come with my strategy once i hear back on the...