1. S

    NSDL & CDSL Charges added by ICICI Direct

    Hello Since September, ICICI Direct has started debiting NSDL - CDSL charges from my bank account. Sometimes it is Rs. 5.06, sometimes 10.12, and sometimes 20.24 I wanted to understand on what basis are these calculated, and how I can know how many will be applicable when I buy / sell...
  2. lazytrader

    Demat and its nuances

    I decided to start a new thread on demat because this is one of the least discussed topics when it comes to trading and no one seems to be interested. The problem is however that I am a technical person (no not the analysis type technical as in electronics and comps). I have gained a little...
  3. N

    5paisa - Charges that my RM doesnt understand either

    Hi, I am some what new to trading and am currently using 5Paisa's Trader Terminal platform for online trading. I am billed with the following two type of charges every month: 1. To Being Intersettlement/Beneficiary charges 2. To CDSL DP Bills My RM, who is a total jerk, doesn't know...