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    Amibroker chart afl help!!!

    HI, Could some one help me how to get these consolidated up bars (Green) and Down bars (red) thanks
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    HDFC Securities: Intraday charts

    Are intraday charts using candlesticks & durations of 15,20, 30 minutes provided on HDFC Securities trading platform? If yes, could anyone kindly post a screenshot or two? Thanks.
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    International Metal Brokers charts to follow MCX trading

    MCX does not give real time graph of prices . e.g. Silver Mini. .It only gives instant prices. Silver market prices are global. My Question - is there a link you can share where I can see Silver Price CANDLESTICKS so I know whats going to happen to the market ?
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    Beginners' club - Candlestick analysis

    Hi, I'm a beginner. - One who's only a couple of months old - One just trying to find my feet in the world of stock markets - One on the lookout for literature to improve his trades - One who does not have charting software and instead relies on Google finance for his charts - One who's not...
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    How to Identify Buy Sell Signals

    Pls tell me how I will identify Buy and Sell signals form the below mentioned charts. What are the basic rules to identify the signals? Before identify of any Buy signal or when a buy signal is generating, then how I will understand that this particular buy signal will give me profit...
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    Bullish and Bearish Candle Show On Chart

    Plot(C,"",colorLightGrey,styleCandle); r=CdDoji( threshold = 0.05 ); s=CdHammer( rangefactor= 1.1 ); t=CdBearishEngulfing( bodyfactor = 0.4, rangefactor = 0.5); u=CdBullishEngulfing( bodyfactor = 0.4, rangefactor = 0.5)...
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    Eod candlesticks charts

    hello friends where can i get eod (n intraday if possible) candlesticks charts of cash n futures for free cheers