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    What to do when several bullish candlesticks are formed

    Please see the attached image. I've learned the reversal candlestick patterns but I couldn't find what to do in such a situation where a stock suddenly starts moving up.
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    Hi Namaste, Hello to all the members of traderji. I am new to trading and stock markets. But I find this platform to be great and full of knowledge. I am confident I will gain good knowledge here. Looking forward for a wonderful journey of trading. Lalit
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    Time to invest in brokerage stocks

    The short but powerful bull run from March 2009 to June 2009 was led by midcap and smallcap stocks—not only in India but all over the world. Retail investor participation suddenly increased and brokerages' valuations zoomed up. But the market fell again in June 2009 and midcaps fell, and along...
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    How? Pick Stock from EOD data for trade without using costly software

    Its very difficult unless you have some software to pick which are the stocks which are going to move up or down in next coming days, I am a beginer, would like to know if there's any way if we can use the EOD data of the day or previous few days. to analyze which stocks are going to move up or...