brokerage firm

  1. Tejas Khoday

    Feedback for FYERS Mobile App - New Version

    Hi Everyone, I have created this thread for receiving feedback and ideas to upgrade/build our new mobile app. As per the suggestions of @mevaibhav and other Traderji members, creating a new thread solely for this purpose is better and I feel that we can interact on this subject in detail...
  2. V

    Your view on SAS Online?

    Hi guys I'm thinking to open my first trading account with SAS online. Although I personally love Zerodha, the Rs.9/trade & Unlimited pack of SAS Online seems bit suitable for my trading style. So whats your view about SAS for intraday trades, trading platform, ease of use etc? And one more...
  3. J

    brokerage firms??

    How do brokerage firms work?and which is the best in INDIA
  4. Y

    I am new here and in trading too..

    Hi I am YaxP from Pune :clap:. I am new to and to the trading world too.. I opened two trading accounts, one with Emkay Global and other with BMA wealth creators. I had very very bad experiences with both of these DPs. They have a lot of hidden charges which they will never tell...
  5. R

    mcx bill

    hallow sir, iam trading in commodity in angel , he send regularly contract note and bill every day when iam in position, if we are not received bill of trading ,is our margin money is safe?
  6. I

    Motilal Oswal v/s Sharekhan?

    Hello everybody! I'd like to know whether Sharekhan is a better option or Motilal Oswal on the basis of service, advice, brokerage and the website interface and speed? I'm a small investor. Also, how is the motilal oswal portfolio management service where they handle everything and promise...