brokerage charges

  1. A

    FYERS API- Disclosed quantity feature in Bo/Co

    Hello Fyers Team, I was checking fyers API and wanted to ask why the disclosed quantity feature is not enabled in BO/CO orders ? This is because for small traders rely on margins for BO/CO orders and its known fact that higher quantity orders are hunted down(order manipulation takes place) very...
  2. Sanskar Pathk

    Stable Discount Broker

    I want to open a demat account with a discount broker.I currently have one with icici direct but their brokerages are ridiculously high and the platform they provide is shit. I had made my decision to open one with Zerodha but after researching I found that many people were complaining about its...
  3. Sanskar Pathk

    Which is the best discount broker?

    The criteria should be:- Brokerage charges Trading Platform Customer care Ease of account opening
  4. C

    Re : Brokerage in Commodities

    Please tell me the lowest brokerage here in India and if one trades the commodities in intra the brokerage is less or not or the volume of the trade. Which brokerage firm is giving best please tell me.
  5. S


    Hi All I trade to pass my time as I do not have much to do. My experience tells me that I am making my broker and the govt rich day by day. I want to learn from learned members how I also can become rich. I am sure I get the info in this forum. Thanks Sitarama BA
  6. M

    Which broker to choose for Demat & Trading account? Please help.

    I have decided to open accounts in one of the following two companies- Zerodha SMC Online I am a student and maximum investment that I could do is Rs. 2000 (as of now). I would be investing only in equities in delivery medium (No intraday). Mostly for mid-term or long-term. Following...
  7. C

    I am new to Traderji.Com & Looking for a new Online Broking Agent

    Hello All, I am new to this forum but I have been following the posts here for quite sometime as a guest and I find the posts/suggestions/advices very helpful and hence decided to join. I am an online trader and my broking account is with Angel Broking. I am a bit fed up with their...
  8. R

    mcx bill

    hallow sir, iam trading in commodity in angel , he send regularly contract note and bill every day when iam in position, if we are not received bill of trading ,is our margin money is safe?
  9. K

    Why Sharekhan brokerage can kill you!!

    Just wanted to share one exp with SHarekahan which can kill any small time investor. The sharekhan charges a min 10 paisa brokerage PER SHARE so if u are trading for small stocks like say 10 rupees or 1 rupees you end up paying 10% of brokergage on delivery one side. Plus other things like...
  10. G

    How much total brokerage do you guys pay

    In intraday... I mean total brokerage in Rs. for eg today i paid Rs. 2000 in brokerage after a profit of Rs.9,500, what abt you guys? Whats your daily trading volume? I do through hdc sec , and pay .1% for intraday trades, What abt you guys? Thanks
  11. B

    Kotak charges Rs. 500 on profit of Rs.800. How to make day trading work?

    Hi, I need your help in understanding if I am being charged correctly and how to make day trading work. I recently purchased 100 shares of 'Bank of Baroda' at 730.5 and sold them 738.67. I thought I made a cool Rs. 800 minus a few rupees as Broker's fees. It turned out that the broker's...
  12. P

    Ventura Brokerages info

    I Guys I am posting brokerage charges and related info . Although the brokerage is low , I do not how good their service or sofftware is ? please try to research more about ventura before taking any decision . Thier related terms and conditions : UBUSINESS RULES FOR ONLINE TRADING PLATFORM...
  13. G

    Sharkhan brokerage confusion

    I have opened a sharekhan a/c. The sales person promised me a brokerage of .3 for delivery & .05 for intraday. Now i came to know that it is like: Delivery: .3, if the share price is > Rs 50 & 10 paise per share if share price is < Rs 50 Intraday: .05, if the share price is > 50 & 5...
  14. S

    Suggest me the Best Online Broker...Please

    I am very New to Trading....I want to Start my Trading with a low invest of Rs.25-50K. Please suggest me the best Online Broker who has the Best Online Software....Offcourse i would like to consider their Brokerages also....
  15. mave_rick

    1 Lac - 5Lacs - Intraday - Brokerage

    Dear Traderji members, I usually trade for 1 Lac to 5 Lac turnover daily. Can Traderji members advice me on the lowest brokerage % that I can expect for this turnover. Indiainfoline currently providing me with 0.1% (that is Re. 1 for every Rs. 1000 trading on each side) for Cash and 0.5% for...
  16. B

    Best broker for Intra day

    There are so many threads on brokerage discussions that sheer volume of posts defeats the purpose. :confused: So , let's talk facts and only facts ! Please take time to reply (obviously) objectively, following questions regarding Intr- day broking services. Please restrain from talking...
  17. P

    Do the Brokerage Charges Differ for different Lots of different Companies?

    Can anyone let me know why brokerage charges are different for different Company Future Lots? Ex: a) Minifty - 20 shares:1 Lot ( Rs.20.00 + Rs.20.00 Per Buy/Sell Transaction ) b) Nifty - 50 shares: 1 Lot ( Rs.50.00 + Rs.50.00 Per Buy/Sell Transaction ) How can i find out about how is...
  18. G

    Indiabulls RM WANTED

    Hi, I've opened my trading account with Indiabulls in Dec'08 after referred by a friend. The RM visited me promised to provide the lower brokerage without any conditions specified. But after opening I started trading, they started putting conditions and it's 6 months and am still paying the...
  19. A

    Reliance revised charges?

    Has Reliance Money revised their prepaid card brokerage charges? If they have can someone post the link?