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    Books for Trading

    General thread for books and learning material related to all kind of trading
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    Taxation books

    I am looking for books on taxation. Would like to know of simple introductory books as well as advanced books on direct and indirect taxation. Thanks in advance.
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    Need suggestion for a book for delta neutral option strategies

    Friends, could anybody suggest a book or author for "delta neutral option strategies"?. I have already read George Fontanills, so looking for other authors on this subject to learn more. Thanks.
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    Book help

    HI, I wish learn everything about indian stock market,so suggest me a book which cover basic to advance details about Indian stock market. Thank you
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    Finance & Investment Related Books

    Best Books for Investments .... to make money grow !!! 1. Guide to Indian Stock Market (Author - Jitendra Gala) 2. Guide to Indian Mutual Funds (Author - Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala) 3. Guide to Intraday Trading (Author - Ankit Gala & Jitendra Gala) 4. Guide to Futures & Options (Author -...
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    Hi Friends, If anyone has Oliver Velez's material(books/ppt/anything), kindly share on my email id [email protected] .. please share. thanks.. Karuna
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    Looking for Book Recommendations - Trading / Indian / Recent

    Hi Can anyone recommend books relating either to technical analysis or trading strategy development written by either an Indian Author or pertaining specifically to Indian Derivative Markets, published sometime in the previous 5-7 years. Thanks.
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    Sir, I have no experience with commodity market or arbitrace,i have some friends working in commodity market specially arbitrace in Delhi, and they are doing very nice in this business. I want to learn about arbitrace and how can i work in this field..I have no knowledge in this field.I...
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    Hi All, I'm new to online share trading! I would like to know which online site is best in indian stock trading.I'm interested in both primary and secondary markets. Also suggest me a good book for online share trading. Regards, Thanks in advance