1. L

    Bhavcopy for 2014/15 or old abcd Setup

    Does anyone have bhavcopy files for year 2014 and 2015. Kindly share it. I am looking for files in exact format in which NSE gives with following columns SYMBOL SERIES OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE LAST PREVCLOSE TOTTRDQTY TOTTRDVAL TIMESTAMP TOTALTRADES ISIN I dont want the amibroker format with...
  2. H

    BSE Bhavcopy before 20 March 2006 provides daily bhavcopy files from 20 March 2006. I am in search of the daily bhavcopy files prior to this as far back as possible. Can anyone help me with it or guidance about any known sources? Many thanks.
  3. sudris

    DBF Retriever - Downloads BhavCopies in DBF Format

    Although there are many softwares out there to download daily bhavcopies, none of them support the downloading of daily bhavcopies in "DBF" format. Let me present "DBF Retriever" which can download the daily bhavcopies from NSE Server in either or both the formats ie, DBF as well as CSV...
  4. Y

    Spectrum a EOD BSE & NSE(bhavcopies) Data downloading software

    Hello everyone, I have created a End of the Day Data Downloader to download NSE & BSE indices(bhavcopies) by the name spectrum,It is an open source software and is created in c# and is availaible for free without any registration,it is tested both in windows & linux(wine) .Being open source...
  5. S

    Hakija: A free NSE end of day data downloader

    Hi everyone, Hakija downloads daily EOD (End Of Day) data as well as historical data (past EOD data) for NSE EQ series and also the main indices. (NSE NIFTY, NIFTY JUNIOR, NSE MIDCAP, NSE MIDCAP 50 , VIX, NSE IT, NSE 100, NSE 500) The data is directly downloaded from the NSE servers and...
  6. W

    NSE Bhavcopy viewer

    Those who view the EOD Bhavcopy from NSE (, may find NSE Bhavcopy Viewer (NBV) useful. This utility combines data from multiple files in a convenient way. Initial cut; for Windows; requires .net runtime 3.5 to work; tested on XP Pro. Download link. (Authentication username is nbv2tr...
  7. bunny

    Is the volume of block deals/bulk deals added to EOD data?

    Hi guys, Please let me know if volume of block deals and bulk deals is added to the EOD data? For ex: If there is a block deal in RELIANCE counter(NSE) of 10 lac shares, and no of shares traded in open market is 5 lacs, will the EOD volume be reported as 15 lacs or 5 lacs in the NSE EOD...