1. R

    Future Contract trading settlement

    Future Contract trading settlement Hi Experts, I am a novice in stock market trying to understand the working and applications of futures contract. Difficult to understand how Contracts are bought and sold. This may sound silly question, but please help me to understand. Let’s suppose there are...
  2. K

    A beginner, wanted to know some stuff.

    Hey there. So I have not even a iota of knowledge about trading. A lady on insta told me that if I buy $300 worth of bitcoins and set up a trade account.Then she'll have my trade account linked to her trading software without me giving her my password. And she'll make me $2000 per week off those...
  3. pulkit55

    Beginner in Trading | Need Guidance

    Hello Everyone, My Name is PULKIT :clap: I am Interested in Trading but with 0% Experience. I have many Questions like which Broker to Choose, How to choose Company to Invest etc. :confused: I would Really Appreciate all Replies Here :clapping: Thanks in Advance :thumb:
  4. E

    A Novice Question Trading

    Hello Guys I have ben trying to learn currency trading.Please help me with my doubt. 1.Can you put auto buy option of preferred amount in currency trading? 2.How much money will you need in your account when you sell 1 lot of currency bought, ie do you need to have if it is USDINR...
  5. T

    Needs assistance in commodity trading

    Dear All this is my first post on I am very new to the commodity market. I frankly don't know how to trade. But I am interested to be an active trader and peruse trading as my career. Requesting your help,suggestion and support. Regards Tauqeer Iqbal
  6. N

    Commodity trading basics

    Hello friends, I am new to commodity trading. I want to know these things in commodities trading: 1 Which is the best broker for commodity trading(Least brokerage). 2. I am planning to do atleast 20 trades per day. I am planning to do only intraday trading, so would the monthly...
  7. S

    All in to learn!

    Hello, everyone! Found this forum to be extremely informative with a lot of "false signals"! Trying to remove the noise and get going with the learning phase. Absolute beginner - so far, only theoretical knowledge. Very eager to build a good network. Thank you!!
  8. P

    A beginner to backtesting

    Dear experts, I am a beginner to trading, and want to trade in BankNifty intraday. Can you guide me what backtesting software I should buy / website I should subscribe to, and how do I get past 1-min and 5-min data for BankNifty intraday for backtesting? Do the backtesting software/websites...
  9. V

    Intraday trading

    I want to know if I do Intraday trading. Do I have to Sell those shares on that day manadtory? Or Can I hold those shares for 2 or 3 days?
  10. T

    Intraday trading beginner strategy

    I want to discuss my intraday stock trading strategy. I am new to the market and doing my research work at the moment to get on with it.The strategy is based on what i have learnt till now..... Here, Consider a stock X of Rs500 (a volatile share) Now suppose it gains Rs 5 and reaches...
  11. A

    Stock Market Basic Knowledge

    Hi, I am a new entrant in the stock market who wants to earn like everyone a lot of money. I am completely new and have no knowledge about stock market. I would like to know from the basic jargon of stock market. What is intra-day trading? What is margin and margin trading? What...
  12. T

    Greetings to all fellow traders!

    Howdy! I'm trader_wader! a young B.E graduate who refuses to do a B.E related job because he has irrevocably and obsessively fallen for the exhilarating experience of a lifetime caaaaaaaaaaaaalled TRADING! As of now i have no trading experience, only theoretical knowledge :D I'm also a...
  13. NeerajR

    Could somebody please help me regarding accounts?

    Hello all, I have decided to take up trading. I am still a student. Although I will be learning a lot along the way, I have a few questions before starting out. I'm a beginner, so please bear with me. I am aware I need a SB account, Demat account and a trading account. Regarding my...
  14. R


    Hi everyone!:) Please help me. I am on SBICAPSEC but haven't made any investment yet. I have some lien amount but haven't started buying. Can anybody guide me as to how to do it 'cause I don't understand most of the terms used in the trading platform also. :( I am on the lite version...
  15. N

    Hi All

    Hi all I am to the community Hope will find answers to my queries.. :thumb: thanks Ncstudioz
  16. A

    NSE - Paathshaala

    I start this thread for ---> beginners - to learn throough demo account ----> Seniors can test their strategy and advise the juniors. I expect all mats help. Plan: 1) Open NSE Demo Account 2) Trade in this account - analyse in what basis we selected the stock and why buy / sell...
  17. A

    ICICIDirect - Dos and Donts

    Hello Friends, I have Demate account in ICICIDirect and doing trading for a couple of years (But not too much orders). 1) How can i do short selling in ICICIDirect website? ie., one can sell the stocks even dont have the stock in portfolio, after i buy to compensate. 2) How can i set...
  18. B


    Hi, I'm Biju and I am now looking for avenues in the market after a very long break. I got out after burning my fingers back when harshad mehta brought the markets crashing, and many of my shares became worthless. Now i'm back, older and hopefully wiser. Unfortunately I have really lost touch...
  19. I

    An Absolute Beginner's Hi to the Trading Community

    Hi, This is Arnav. The raging markets have finally lured me into the trading world. I dont have any experience beforehand. Looking for some valuable experience from some of the fierce bulls in competition here. All the Best to everyone. :thumb: Thanks, Arnav
  20. A

    not able to sell shares in ICICI Direct. Can anyone guide me?

    Hi I have bought 19 shares of HCC (9 shares for 59 & 10 shares for 51). Today morning i tried to sell 15 of them but got below error: Insufficient Stocks allocated. Please manually allocate by going to the Demat Allocation section But in my demat allocation i see only previously...