1. S

    What is market price ?

    From the given screenshot below what I understood is: • Price increases as quantity of share supplied S increases [ for ex: 1share price = x 5share price = 5x ] • Quantity of demand D increases as share price decreases • And the price at which S and D intersect is...
  2. F

    Newbie question : cash or margin, how to choose between them

    Hi Experts, I have been reading these forums for a while, and i have found the resources and information contained here very useful. I have a few questions related to margin and would like to have answered, as I could not find answers to these questions by searching the forums. Here is...
  3. akashbmr

    Hello Every body

    :)Hi I am very new to start on line day trading.I hope to get valuable assistance from any experienced person through the forum for getting started.Thanks
  4. N

    Beginner's TA Queries

    Dear Seniors and Fellow Members, I request you to kindly spare a few minutes on two of my basic queries in Entrey and Exit Startegies. I have read them over and over again but still understand little of it (dumb me!) - Entries Entries are simple, you wait for a candle to close above 15...
  5. C

    One more newbee: some more terminology Questions

    Hello All, I have been a guest reader and have benefitted immensely for past 4-5 weeks just by reading, so now startedhaving questions on some terms and have failed to relate to , kindly help me seniors.. -WHats the Difference between Swing trader, Position trader and what technical...