balance sheet

  1. I

    Balance sheet making queries.

    Hello, I am trying to prepare a balance sheet for options trading. I have one designated bank account for options trading. I was planning to show the bank balance of this account and money with the broker as assets. What do show as liabilities? I did not have any position open on 31st March...
  2. A

    PBT, Assets and Liabilities

    If a company's revenue and profit before tax have increased(e.g., CAGR of 8%) for last 4 years, but difference between total assets and total liabilities has decreased by a higher percentage(CAGR of 10%) for the 4 years but still positive, what would say about the financial health of the company?
  3. sgavara19

    Difference in balance sheet data shown for comparison in latest annual report, from balance sheet that was reported in earlier annual report.

    Hi All, I have a question for those who have good enough knowledge of balance sheets. I hope you can clear my doubt. I download the last 10 years annual reports of Mindtree LTD and Pidilite. to read their balance sheets and check the growth percentages. Every year, all companies report balance...
  4. V

    Understanding bank balance sheet

    Hello, I am looking at the latest federal bank balance sheet available at their website. link to full report - Need to understand few of the particulars which are...
  5. R

    Midcap stock

    Hi, I am learning fundamental analysis. Want to invest monthly in midcap stock. I was using for fundamental data. Apart from normal criteria like pe ratio, book value, face value how can I use balance sheet, total asset, liabilities and past cash flow to select stock.
  6. S

    10-Year Financial Data of Indian Companies

    Hello everyone, I have seen several websites providing corporate financial information for the last 5 years. Does anybody know of websites/sources providing financial information of Indian companies for the last 10 years? This would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.
  7. D

    Corporate actions data provider

    Has anyone come across a reliable paid corporate actions and financial data provider? I am looking for data feeds which cover company & financial information like company profile, directors information, P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, consolidated financial data, quarterly results & corporate...