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    Angel one sucks, stay away from this broker

    Angel one sucks. They have plans called sub-broker and charge very high for every buy and sell of shares. They have fooled my senior citizen family member for a long time and kept charging 0.8% for every buy and sell for every CNC transaction. They kept fooling them this is a normal plan and...
  2. V

    Indiabulls or Angel Brocking or Sharekhan

    Hi Everyone! I am newbie and i plan to invest in some BSE stocks too apart from NSE. Please answer my questions: 1. Does Indiabulls allow trading in all scrips of BSE(apart from Z category)? 2. Do Angel Broking and Sharekhan fare better when it comes to trading in BSE? 3. Which is...
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    Angel Broking -feedback

    Hi Folks, I m writing to share my experiences while using angel trade (offline trading account thru phone). Within in two months of opening the account I could realize that angel trade people are no professional people rather they are like cheap brokers mushroomed across lanes in big cities...