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    Simple rsi based afl

    can someone please write the code in afl with the below conditions.. A buy signal should be generated when RSI crosses above 60 RSI>60 in anytime frame, by taking the smallest possible time frame ie M1 candle close value at that instance similarly a sell signal should be generated when RSI...
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    Require Coding for well proved strategy

    Hai Seniors I have a well proved and tested strategy , but for this i have to switch in to multiple time frames . If any senior can code this strategy then it will be very helpful for all the members of this forum. Strategy : Idle Time frame - 15 minutes Since EMA20 plays a major role in...
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    Challenge for amibroker experts!

    I need an afl to screen all the scripts where the closest strikes from cmp are in negetives Meaning, if nifty spot is at 6000, value of 6100ce should be in negative and value 5900pe should be negative. The afl should be an exploration one. I will come with my strategy once i hear back on the...