1. E

    Help needed - Export minute data to hourly OHLC

    Dear forum, I need help in exporting nifty 1 minute data to hourly OHLC data. I am not a programmer, so please excuse me if it looks stupid. Currently I am using the code below. Thank you again. M fmkdir( "C:\\AmiBackupD" ); Buy = Status( "barinrange" ); //if we want to export data for a...
  2. punam.fintrade

    Merging last 3 years EOD data to Amifeed subscription which provides only 180 days

    I Have Amifeed data subscription for Amibroker. It provides only 180 days data for 1D timeframe . I am unable to draw Support and Resistance on only 6 month of data for Nifty , Bank-Nifty etc. Can anyone of you help me how can I put data upto 5 years ( End of Day data , which is freely...
  3. B

    Amiboker Rotational Momentum Code Help

    I got the Rotational Momentum code from below URL. I modified the above code a bit & 'Backtested' a bit as per below logic: 1) Calculate the PositionScore on End of Month 2) The Next trading day (Start of...
  4. M

    Stocks that fell more than 15% to 30% from their 52 week highs

    Hello, A lot of good quality stocks have dropped considerably in the last week or two. Around 166 stocks are down over 30% from the top. My amibroker is messed up. Can someone who is an expert with Amibroker quickly wrtie a script to generate a list of such stocks and let us all know? Once I...
  5. P

    renko chart afl with atr14 required

    Hi, Anyone have renko chart afl based on ATR14 .. not the one with manual brick size ? Regards, Paresh
  6. U

    Amibroker chart afl help!!!

    HI, Could some one help me how to get these consolidated up bars (Green) and Down bars (red) thanks
  7. K

    Extremely Powerful Real Time Market Data Feed Provider

    Hi, This question is asked a few times before. But through this, I would like to make sure the quickest and the most accurate data provider one can find for Indian market right now. Frequency: In the brokerage software, I could see the price jumps skipping ticks. Can a stock price jump...
  8. C


    Hi Friends! I'm new to Traderji and small investor cum trader. Very much interested to study and develop AFL.
  9. J

    Amibroker with datafeeds

    Is there any reliable AMI broker software supplier with data feeds of NSE? I need a AFL too.
  10. A

    Nifty auto refreshing Excel sheet to Amibroker - Help Needed

    Hi Member, I have an excel sheet that fetches Call Put data from nifty every one minute. That is auto refreshing. I want to plot OI of a current strike price in one chart in amibroker. Please guide. Thanks Aman
  11. K


    Hi Friends, I want to code strategy for AmiBroker. Basically I want the software to show me in which stock there is a buy/sell as per my strategy. Does anyone know who can help me on this front. Thank you!
  12. S

    Real Time data with discount brokers

    Hello all, I am new member here. I was looking for a discount broker with real time data services that come with the account, if any. And also if that data can be plugged in live in a software like amibroker ( if not then may be end of the day data). Is it better - 1. to go with discount...
  13. M

    Shubha RT plugin for Amibroker now launched

    Shubha RT plugin for Amibroker provides Real-Time streaming quotes from RTD-compliant data sources. As RTD real-time streaming varies from source to source and each data vendor using its own format / methods / different implementation, it’s a generic plugin. It can work with any RTD server...
  14. A

    Need Help in Getting an AFL

    All Any Idea about the 's AFL, Can someone please share the code and back test results :clap:
  15. S

    Anybody have this AFL....?????

    Hello friends... go to this you tube video link any body have this afl if yes than please post here. Thanks.