algo traing in india

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    Need code to connect to Sasonline API

    Hi I am looking for code to connect to SASonline API. Has anyone tried it?
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    Need help for Quantity managment.

    Hello All, I have placed the query for placing order from AFL amibroker. with the below conditions. 1) first order should be 1; 2) If any order exited by Stop loss or target (sell or cover) the quantity should be 1; 3) if the stoploss or target not hit then the queantity should be 2; way...
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    Development of Algo Trading with NinjaTrader on Indian MCX Market

    I 'm trying to implement the Algo Trading on Indian MCX Market. Broker Platform - Zerodha Kite with API Activated Bridge Charting Platform - NinjaTrader with Order Routing Bridge Step 1 : Activation of Kite API from Zerodha (2000/month) Step 2 : NinjaTrader Configuration based on Indian MCX...