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    Create a Sound Alert if a Horizontal Line is breached

    Hello Respected Traders, The Problem I am facing is that I want to create a Horizontal Line on a Graph manually which when Breached should create a Sound Alert. But I am unable to do soo even after searching for the AFL codes and online tutorials. Can anyone please Help Me. Your efforts are...
  2. E

    Price alert required

    Hi experts This is the only forum where experts helps and answer questions perfectly. I have some query about price alert. I am trading in commodity-copper. I want to get audio alert at a specified price, suppose the price running is 395/- and market is going up. I need an alert for...
  3. R

    Alert in Zerodha Pi

    Hi Can anybody tell me procedure to set up alert in Zerodha Pi when certain condition is fulfilled.Say when a script crosses 50 EMA alert given, and when I want to add new script which is to be monitored for alert,how do I do that?
  4. M

    52 week low alerts in my portfolio

    hi, Iam looking for a website (free or paid) where i can set 52 week low alerts for the stocks present in my portfolio. I searched a lot in the google but many sites are giving our custom price triggers but that is not iam looking for. If a stock in my portfolio goes 52 week low, it should...
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    SMS/email alerts

    Hi Guys, I am a new short term trader in NSE cash segment. I am looking for a website where I can configure my stocks to get price alerts on sms or email. I understand its going to be on payment basis. My profession does not allow me to sit on the computer and monitor the prices, but I...