What's the direction for ruppee?


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I need to know if the rupee will strengthen or weaken in coming week, for non trading purposes.
I trade only the EURINR future on NSE. I think the EURINR pair will quote lower in days to come(that is Euro becoming weak while Rupee gaining strength against each other).

Commenting about USDINR is difficult after they doubled the margins. That has caused volumes to become distorted and I am at a loss of way to analyse it.


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I need to import some stuff from abroad, so trying to time the parity price. If ruppee goes up then fall later I will profit.


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Well, if you are exim businessman, I would suggest you talk to other professionals in this business. I have no idea how hedging is done for professional purposes and on that level/scale. I was under the impression that you wanted to import some item for personal use. In that case, I was about to suggest that you buy the contract expiring around that date. If the price went up, you would profit from the gain you made on that contract. If price went down, then you would eventually save on base price. So it would be a no-loss no-profit situation mostly of you hedged appropriately. But for what you have asked for, I don't have that kind of knowledge.

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