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    Sharekhan for futures charges 0.1 % borkerage on buy side and 0.02% on sell side.Some this month on a particular day, i shorted a Nifty contract at 6187 and bought back at 6165.Since me being new to this field i happy with little profit that i made. However later when i checked the trade in the order book i was astonished to find that the buy rate as 6171 and sell rate as 6185.This ate up a big chuck of my profit,not to mention the other taxes. When i called them i was informed that 0.1% of 6165 was 6171 approx. so that became my buy rate and similiarly for sell side. Is this how it works with other brokerers too? Can u suggest any other broker suited for day trading futures?

    P.S :- Would be glad if someone could share information on Nifty trading.


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