Extention of 15 Min Breakout Failed Breakout Trade Data


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This thread would be tracking Failed Breakouts of 15 Min Breakouts

15 Min Day High Low to be considered as S/R

If the breakout fails. We will Trade the failed breakout above S/R with a Very Small Stop Loss Just below S/R or Where the rally started.

These are paper Trades.

Todays Trades

GAIL and Adani

Adani Breakout Failed @ 15 Min
Entered Long at 15 Min break of 182.75
SL Rally Low before S 179
Target - If price moves above R we move SL to Entry Price +Comission and wait for day close.
Partial Exit if Price hits 3% Rest at day close.


Chart For GAIL

Will post excel sheet at the EOD


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Correction for yesterdays Trade : Since Rally low was our SL. It should have been white candle low and not red candle low. SO SL would have been 376.20

I would not change the sheet as overflows and mistakes will be counted as a part of system.

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