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    Why trading is not for me...

    Hi Guys! This is Chaudhary from Delhi. I wanted to run by a little hypothesis by you knowledgeable folks. So, I have been recently bitten by the trading bug and decided to invest my savings in the share market, actually all my savings, right down to the last penny. I bet most of you have...
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    :) hi every one , nice to be with you all yes i had invested in various shares earlier, mostly ipo's and had lost some important papers (file) . You can say i came out of deep slumber . Now i have got the file and found that i had bought modiluft shares long time back 1995 and sent...
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    Platinum seems safer than gold

    I cannot help feeling that there is more glitter in Platinum compared to gold. Platinum, being a precious metal and an indutrial metal, was generally twice the price of gold but it dipped below gold in October 2008 from where it is recovering. The collapse of auto industry is said to be the...