Angel Broking vs Sharekhan

Angel Broking vs Sharekhan - side-by-side comparison . Compare Angel Broking vs Sharekhan brokerage, charges, exposure margin, demat account. Read Angel Broking vs Sharekhan review.

Detailed comparison Angel Broking vs Sharekhan and find out which is better in Angel Broking vs Sharekhan .


Angel Broking


Account Opening & AMC Charges

Account opening charges and annual maintenance charges (AMC)

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Trading Account Opening Fee ₹0
Demat Account Opening Fee ₹0
Demat Account AMC * ₹400
Trading Account AMC ₹0

Brokerage Charges

Compare the commission charged by the brokers for the trades executed

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Equity Delivery 0.50%
Equity Intraday 0.10%
Equity Future 0.10%
Equity Options ₹100 per lot
Currency Futures 0.10%
Currency Options ₹30 per lot
Monthly Fee NA
Commodity 0.10%

Contact Broker

Request Call Back

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Contact / Request Call Back

Transaction Charges (Per Crore)

Transaction Charges (Exchange Turnover Charges + Clearing Charges or PCM Fee)

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Equity Delivery NSE ₹325 | BSE ₹275
Equity Intraday NSE ₹325 | BSE ₹275
Equity Future * NSE ₹190 | BSE ₹50
Equity Options * NSE ₹5000 | BSE ₹50
Currency Futures * NSE ₹135 | MCX ₹130
Currency Options NSE ₹4220 | MCX ₹3220

Other Charges

Miscellaneous charges, minimum fees and add-on service rates.

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Minimum Brokerage 5 paise per share
Call & Trade ₹0
Stamp Duty * Charges as per the state of residence
DP Charges (on sell side) Rs 0
Other Miscellaneous Charges -


Key features offered by the brokers.

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Trading Platform TradeTiger Terminal, Sharekhan Website and Mobile App
Placing orders through charts Yes
Trading Alerts Yes
Research and Advice / Trading Tips Yes
Detailed Education Initiatives Yes
Unique features & Offers Pattern finder,Class room training
Referral Program No

Demat Account Charges

Find charges for the best Demat Account for small investors

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Depository Service Provider CDSL
Account Opening Fee

Actual Stamp Paper Charges

Advance Deposit

₹500 Advance which will be adjusted against billing (Optional)

Tariff D - Deposit ₹2999 (refund of deposit ₹2000 on closure)


Scheme A: ₹400,
Scheme B: ₹500,
Scheme C: ₹350,
Scheme D: Nil,
Scheme E: ₹100,
Scheme F: ₹500,
Scheme H: ₹1000,
Scheme G: Nil(holding Value <= ₹50000) or 100(holding Value from ₹50001 to ₹200000)or 400(holding Value >₹200000)

Scheme A, C, E & H: Free for the 1st Year.

Dematerialisation Charges

₹5 per certificate (Min ₹50 per request for Tariff A,B,C,D,E,F & H) (Min ₹100 per request for Tariff G )

Rematerialisation Charges

₹50 per certificate or ₹50 for every hundred securities

Transaction Charges (Credit) -
Transaction Charges (debit)

Scheme A & B: Sales through Sharekhan: ₹0 Else 0.03% of value of tran(min ₹30),

Scheme C & D: Sales through Sharekhan ₹6 Per tran Else 0.03% of value of tran(min ₹30),

Scheme E & H: Sales through Sharekhan 0.03% of value of tran (E:min ₹29, H:min ₹30) Else 0.03% of value of tran(min ₹49),

Scheme F: 0.03% of value of tran(min ₹30),

Scheme G: 0.03% of value of tran(min ₹49)

Pledge Creation Charges

0.03 % of the value of the Transaction (Min ₹100 per transaction)

Pledge Creation Confirmation Charges


Pledge Invocation Charges


Failed Instruction Charges


Other Charges
  1. Freeze /De-freeze - ₹25 per request
  2. Stock lending & Borrowing - 0.02% of the value of the transaction per request (minimum ₹100)
  3. Client Master changes ₹30 per request for Tariff G

Basic Details

Basic Details of Brokers

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Year of Incorporation 2000
Active Exchange Memberships NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX
Demat Services CDSL
Contact Details 022-61150000
Total Number of Clients 5,04,796+
Total Number of Branches 2900

Charts and Data

Charts and Data

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Live data source Yes
Advanced Charting tools Yes
Multi-Chart Setup Yes
No.of indicators 30+
No.of charts can be opened 10
Live Scanners Yes
Customizable screeners Yes
Trading from charts Yes
Compare Symbol performance on Chart No
Options charts Yes
Continuous futures charts Yes
Intraday historical data for charts 30 days
End of Day historical data for charts 10 years
Corporate action adjusted charts No
Back Testing No
Options Chain Yes
Heat Maps Yes
Analytics No
Price Ladder No



Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Equity Delivery -
Equity Intraday -
Equity Futures -
Equity Options -
Currency Futures -
Currency Options -
Commodity Futures -
Commodity Options -



Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Cover Orders (CO) Yes
Bracket orders / One Cancels Other (BO / OCO) Yes
After Market Orders (AMO) Yes

Franchisee / Authorized Person related information

Franchisee / Authorized Person related information

Angel Broking Sharekhan
Classic Account
Availability for franchisee / AP Yes
Investment required for Franchisee / AP Rs.50,000

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Angel Broking Sharekhan
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