Zerodha wrong attitude for Ninja Trader Users

Zerodha is causing a lot of troubles to its clients, who use Ninjatrader and want to connect that to Pi without signing up for NeoTradeAnalytics ! They are not providing any proper step by step process.

Pi Bridge connection with Ninja Trader - Step by Step Manual - other then Neobridge

Similar questions have been asked earlier by a few members already. But everytime they are pointed towards Neobridge Solution, which would work only if you are a subscriber of NeoTradeAnalytics.

I want to ask zerodha team, what solution do they have for those zerodha clients who are not subscribers of NeoTradeAnalytics ?

We have got such a good article, which explains all the steps for connection with Amibroker -

But no such article has been prepared so far, which gives the details for connection with Ninja Trader. And all users are just provided this link, which is not sufficient for most retail traders to connect ninjatrader with pi -

What is the REAL REASON for not providing a step by step manual for connecting Ninjatrader with pi ? Is it done with the intention to FORCE zerodha clients to susbcribe for NeoTradeAnalytics even if they have proper data feeds like esignal or GFDL or TrueDataIndia etc. ? Why Ninjatrader users are being forced by zerodha to subscribe for a specific data vendor, if they want to connect Ninjatrader with Pi ? Is it legal and is it morally right to do so ?

Either mention that you do not support NinjaTrader connection with Pi on your website, or provide a Detailed and Step by Step Manual to connect Pi with NinjaTrader, just as you have done for Amibroker. Even on this link, you have not provided any specific material for NinjaTrader.

If we do not receive a genuine solution from zerodha to this issue of "no proper documentation to connnect ninjatrader with pi, without subscribing to NeoTradeAnalytics, then I will be FORCED to start the same threads on ALL the trading forums. If you have no intention to provide step by step method, then you should not publicize that you support NinjaTrader. Why to make the retail traders so much unnecessarily.

And it is my humble request, do not post this link as solution, because this information is not sufficient.

REQUEST for other users - if someone of you have been successful in connecting Ninjatrader with Pi, without using NeoTradeAnalytics, then please share your experience here. That would be a great help for all other users who are trying to do that without success.

Please do not take my post in negative manner, I am just expressing the frustration which is expericed by a lot of clients of zerodha, who are also users of NinjaTrader and want to connect them both.

Thanks and regards

Has anyone on Traderji, been able to successfully connect Pi with Ninjatrader ?