Zerodha Part 2

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The last time we had the challenge, we completely disregarded the equity trades, but some of the clients who trade only equity wanted this to be on.

This concept of 60day challenge is something unique and we had not anticipated this issue when we tested it out. Yes now that the issue cropped up while calculating the report, we realized there were a lot of winners(400 odd extra, other than what I mentioned) who are not up. The thing is this is not something we can fix individually and hence is taking us time. I am hoping that this week we should have a fix for this..

Sorry about this,

Still waiting. More than 6 weeks have passed, you still keep asking to wait "one more week"

Start fixing individually and fix it for the next iteration of the challenge
I have one question,

In Zerodha Trader Terminal (exe),when we trade in Derivatives,the default product type is set to NRML.But in Web Platform, the default product type is set to MIS.

I don't understand why the default product type is set to different options in each trading platform.Either you can set it to both MIS or NRML.

Normally in home ,i use EXE and in office i use Web Platform.Today i traded derivatives,assuming i'll carry forward my position.But when i see the contract node,both BUY/SELL happened since Product type is set to MIS,resulting in trading loss..(can't blame zerodha for that).I traded in a way like EXE (thining def. product type is NRML).

My simple suggestion to zerodha is ,can this be set to default product type NRML is both the platform?.Or is this user specific?

Please clarify.
I had the same issue when I was alternating between the exe and web platforms. I like to trade with one click/button and hate to keep changing product types every time. When I approached Zerodha with this issue, they showed me that I can change the default product type on the exe terminal by specifying a different one for each exchange. To do this, go to Preferences < Order. In that window, you can choose the exchange and set the default product type.

The web version doesn't have this luxury. It's either MIS or NRML always. Only one mode.
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