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Hi zerodha , i see different datas in my zerodha pi charts , first i opened 5 min chart of jul fut nifty F after preopen bell ie at 9.08 am , and now i just want to check in 10 min so opened new 10 min chart for same jul nifty F , i saw different opening and high price , again opened 5 min july nifty F confused now showing different datas in charts as like 10 min chart ,

this is first opened , 5 min chart

this second opened same 5 min chart

Zerodha Why don't you allow the first leg of Cover order as Limit Order? Upstocks is allowing it.. You also please allow it...

I agree that BO is a Limit order but MCX doesn't allow BO.. so Cover order with Limit order Option will be greatly useful for MCX


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Now-a-days broker threads are user driven rather than broken driven. Forum moderators should set some norms for brokers to reply to user queries within some time frame. I see the same with RKSV and Finvasia thread as well..questions being skipped, delayed response from brokers is deteriorating the forum quality. Only new brokers are prompt to a time till they increase a user base and then do little bit arm twisting thereafter by skipping queries.
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