You can Trade International Futures from India..Legally...Read How


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Alright...I have an answer to this question :

"How can an Indian Resident Citizen trade US/UK/International Index/Stock Futures, the Legal Way?"

I have been digging on the issue for quite a long time now. Talking to people, reading circulars of RBI, talking to brokers and what not. Finally, today I have definite answer to this question above. All the hard work, time , effort, pain and agony has yielded results. And trust me, I am not fooling around here on a public forum. What I am saying has 100% credibility in it and I will tell you a definite way to confirm it yourself.

But, I am not gonna disclose it publicaly so easily. So, what do i want in return? Nothing, but genuine interest from people around.

So here is what I am gonna do:

I am gonna wait for the fellow traders to respond to this post and answer this:

1) What do they know about the entire thing already?

2)Do they want to know the answer? What is the reason?

3)Whom all have you talked to about this to get definite answers?

All what i am tying to do here is to see if there are genuine interested traders. to whom i can pass this information to. It is not like a treasure that i have found and keeping it a secret. Anybody who does the hard work will find the same answers as I have got.
I just dont want to disclose it just like that for everyone. In any case, the real serious people will get answers from me. Either through this thread or by emails.If I dont get some serious good response to this thread, I will not disclose the answers here(but would definitely tell traders personally).

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I am certainly interested in knowing the answer.. just for info sake.. My answers are

1) What do they know about the entire thing already?
Nothing much. Just that ICICIDirect gives facility to trade US stocks. Don't know why they don't allow trading other products.

2)Do they want to know the answer? What is the reason?
Personal interest. Maybe someday, it will help me. No urgency right now, even if I don't get the answer cause I will find it out when it is high on my priority list. Currently it is not
high priority.

3)Whom all have you talked to about this to get definite answers?
No one. Just read few threads on TJ. Haven't even searched SEBI/RBI site for this.

Ankit, I like your approach to chk the committment of people before sharing your hardwork. In my experience, we human being, by nature, don't care for something that comes free.. Sometime it hurts when u see the output your hardwork is taken very casually by others. In that case, probably u are better off not sharing with them at all cause it makes no difference to their life.

Happy Trading.


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Hi Ankit.

Good work and nice reason to behold the info.

My answers are the same as AW10's.

But, I am in no hurry to get the info. Atleast now I know that it is possible to trade and in case of need I have Ankit to give the required info.




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If you intend to use a foreign broker funded with money through the RBI, then it is doable provided the RBI is willing to release dollars for this purpose.
Whether the RBI will agree is the big question mark.


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Great work Ankit. Would certainly like to know about it , only if its fine with you.

1) I dont know much about trading US futures from India , just stumbled across the Trading e-mini thread the other day here where came to know about this thing from DanPickUp and AW10.
2)Just curiosity how traders trade in International stocks and futures without being an NRI and by residing in India only and maybe the info will be of use later to me.
3)Havent talked with anyone specifically about this other than asking some basics about it to AW10 and having some chat with pipshower , and another guy at another trading forum , but then again it was about forex , not Futures.
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Me too have explored a little bit on this front though most of my effort was focused on finding out how to trade forex legally. Have tried many forex brokers demo softwares including eToro, GCI, Marketiva, Oanda.. & also read about ways to transfer money to those accounts via CC & wire transfer method but seriously havent explored about trading international futures. Recently heard the news that SEBI (or RBI not sure) has now allowed currency trading in YEN & EURO as well. Dont know how exactly, but i guess it will be through MCX.... Anywayz, I wont be able to trade in international futures for next 6 months atleast but it would be helpful after 6 mths. So eagerly looking forward to your answer.
Hi Ankit,
I would like to know about it. Here are my answers.

1) What do they know about the entire thing already?
That its not allowed and is illegal if at all its possible.

2)Do they want to know the answer? What is the reason?
If possible I would like to trade a few lethargic futures.

3)Whom all have you talked to about this to get definite answers?
A few trading websites including TJ but no definitive or authorized sources.



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Dear ankit,

Good information also trying to find the information only by serching in TJ.....but am not in hurry to trade in it so not toomuch talked to any one.only talked with alpari about forex trading.So my answer same as AW10 sir & prasadm.


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Dear Ankit

I am very much interested in knowing about it. I have absolutely no idea on how it is done. Being in a full time job, I hardly get time to trade Indian markets. If this opens up the possibility of trading in other markets after office hours, that would be interesting.

Once we learn how to trade, it does not matter which market we trade. At the end of it we are not trading Nifty, Reliance, Copper, Pepper or E-mini, we are trading only the price.

Look forward to your information.



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Genuinely feel you have probably misinterpreted the RBI circular!! As far as my understanding goes, one can trade in Foreign Equities to a set limit by RBI but cannot trade "Derivatives"!!!

But reading your post makes me feel I have "missed" something!!!