www.bsewebx.com r u using this??

hi all,

is anybody using this site for trading can share their experince....this is from bse and allow trading in bse only...

any idea on brokerage structure and speed of this website FOR TRADING... delay in online execution...

I have already covered the www.bsewebex.com for all the available document and information and interested in opening an account with them...

any practical experience with them...

isnt it odd that investors dont use this?

Well I just came to know of webx today . The one reason why perhaps a newbie investor (like me ) wouldnt go for it is becuase they say that we woud need to select a broker. Now how do you do that!

If anyone uses it/used it/heard about it please let us know.

i recently came to know about it and started using it for last couple of days
experience is as good as bolt
i need some help for putting basket orders
if any one uses it pls hellp

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