Win Midas

Hi, Vinod
I am not an expert. But try this to get the charts in :
Save all your data in to ascii format. Generally when you download the data from the Yahoo site etc., the data is saved in to ascii file with the extension:*.asc. Simply change the extension name to *.csv and you can see the chart in winmidas. Or else open the ascii file in any notebook and save it with the extension of name.csv. When you select the file type in winmidas select ascii type. Hope this helps and hope I am right.


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Hi Investock/Vinod,
The site is under construction. The software was available for free trial for 30 days long back. Is it still available? I had used the software V 2.1 with Metastock data and it worked well. Could you tell me which version you are using and where it is available. I saw a site offering V4.0 but cannot download

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