Why no Advisory Tips provider coming forward ?


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I got fed with their calls.

I asked them about performance agreement to be executed.

Nobody is turning up.......again.:D

Have I asked anything excess.:confused:




1. First party and second party will share the capital in 1:4 ratio. Initial capital to be shared by each party is Rs.2 lakhs and Rs.8 lakhs. First party has to deposit Rs.2 lakhs into the bank account of 1st party which is linked to the trading account of 1st party. Second party, upon receiving the funds from 1st party, will fund 2nd party trading account with Rs.10 lakhs (including Rs.2 lakhs of 1st party).
2. First party will start sending trading calls on mobile of 2nd party. 2nd party will trade such calls subject to feasibility. 2nd party has no liability whatsoever for not trading calls due to delay in SMS, power cuts, not near trading terminal, connectivity problems.
3. Both parties will continue trading for 1 month subject to maximum losses in the trading account to the tune of Rs.1.5 lakhs including brokerage, trading taxes, slippage. By the end of 1 month this agreement automatically gets terminated.
4. 2nd party has full liberty to terminate the agreement one sided without giving hearing opportunity to 1st party at any time and in own discretion.
5. When loss in trading account reaches Rs.1.5 lakhs, trading gets stopped until first party brings in additional capital of Rs.1.5 lakhs. Once the trading account becomes full funded with Rs.10 lakhs , the trading resumes. And the process repeats automatically.
6. At the end of the month, if the trading account is in Net profit, such profit will be shared equally by both parties. No separate advisory fee is paid to 1st party by 2nd party.
7. Whatever losses incurred in trading account will be completely and solely born by 1st party.
We read and understood the terms of agreement and sign this agreement on this day in full conscience understand the liabilities in full.

Sign of First party
Sign of Second party.
Any dispute arising out of this agreement is subject of the legal jurisdiction of place....... (residing place of 2nd party.
I got fed with their calls.

I asked them about performance agreement to be executed.

Nobody is turning up.......again.:D

Have I asked anything excess.:confused:
No one is coming forward because they are not confident of their performance.



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I know you annoyed with tele-marketing people.

I read some where one guy suggest good idea, talk to them like you are having mouth ful of food and ask same question repeatedly. Its going to be a stress buster.

they : hello
you : hatho
they : sir not clear
you : waith
they : sir
you : whath you whath .... :rofl:

Or speak in alien language.... :rofl:


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I tell them that I don't trade in stock market.That makes them disconnect the call.

I started telling the same reply.. But after few calls, I got a reply that we found your number listed in some trading website/NSE etc etc.. So it means you were related to trading somehow..

If You stopped why did you stop ? Why not try our service blah blah..

Now I am telling that I stopped trading and became a tips provider. Now I am looking for clients.. :D :D,

One day I got a call from a research advisory (not going to mention his name for obvious reason), who had a genuine website, and they had mentioned their advisory license ID obtained from SEBI.. Though I dnt know how to verify the same ( a true id or not).. They just kept calling me every day asking me to join.. I told them I will join only if they are going to fund my trading account as I have lost everything in trading.. :D :D :rofl:

They kept passing my calls to their higher boss and next higher boss.. lol.. and finally stopped

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