Why do you look at many things? not to trade them bu to see if any innovative idea is

Hi friends

When some seminar or webinar happens,we go there try to listen and see if there is anything unknown and really intelligent or worthwhile to learn & apply.

For example
I HAPPENED TO attend a seminar of Prakasan associates based at chennai and singapore.
At the end of seminar when I asked others,every one is thoroughly disappointed.
Nothing worthwhile or new. He put a chart showing price,20ma,40ma, and macd.
explained about commodity trading and crude oil trading in particular. he gave reference that he got some training with sinon coray.
Moral of the story my time got wasted.
one incident here
i met a young trader. i asked him what do you trade? he replied I trade stocks-futures-options-gold-silver-currency. i just trade 30 minutes this and 30 min that.
what about your profitability/ he said-sometimes good sometimes bad-overall get no where.(I wondered why is he doing all this-doing everything he can-trade everything but getting no where? Only God knows. surly he doesnt know. question is trading for hobby or making money?)


I attended a seminar of a new company based in pune.

They asked a question to all participants
THEY GAVE AN INNOVATIVE LOGICAL ANSWER WHICH I was not aware till then honestly.

The other question they put is which list of stocks do you trade/ and what is ideal stocks that must be present in your watchlist if you trade stocks?
here also they presented a logical perfect answer.
Though I knew about the answer i was not sure yet until they explained.

The third thing they pointed out was
part A
They said when you keep stoploss in your terminal price comes and hits and you get kicked out of trading.instead you draw a stoploss line on chart and exit when price hits stoploss line.
one participant asked- both are same-which way your method is better? They had no answer.
The questioner meant-whether market kicks me out by triggering my stop or whether exit an price touching my stopline on chart-it is one and the same. What is a diplomatic,clever,intelligent way out?

1. never keep stoploss in your terminal-perfect
2. keep stoploss as a line drawn on your trading chart-perfect
3. they said exit when price hits stoploss line(they were wrong here)

I understood what the participant meant exactly and its solution.
Since I was not the presenter i kept mum.is there something missing/yes.?
A practical answer was missing. it has to be found by a trader by himself based on observations he makes.

Here one needs to outthink his competition.
He needs technique and talent.

Can you guess what the way out was?
Where is your idea?

Please excuse me by not asking me my way out as i am still checking if i am perfectly right or not.
If I reveal my cilly idea then you might get stuck with my way of thinking instead of thinking in your own way.

good luck!

Please dont ask me troublesome questions. I cant think.I have never tried.I really dont like to.
Give the answer sheet and question paper together.
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