Why Do users of Discount Brokers complaint of Data Feed Inaccuracies

Hi All,

I frequently see users reporting that their Ticks or prices in Discount Brokers like Zerodha, UpStox and new players saying Prices update slow or Ticks are delayed or also Data feed stopping midway

Old age broking like Angel, Sharekhan etc never have atleast these kind of complaints ?

are the new players using some different kind of feeds that they are not stable ?


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it;s not it;s same as your sharu ....

test comes when nifty goes up 400 pts / crashes 400 pts that time
discount brokers terminal might go south ....
if its not good discount broker .


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Traditional broker's clients usually don't have multiple accts with multiple brokers. But discount brokers clients usually have this as they go on to open more number of accts with different brokers. Hence they see easily multiple data feeds and eventually find the fault too.

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